RB Digital, previously known as Zinio, offers digital copies of popular magazines that library users can view online and/or download to compatible computers and devices. The library currently subscribes to 160+ titles as part of the Southern Minnesota Digital Consortium.

With your Library RB Digital Account:

  • Read entire magazines online cover-to-cover as if you were reading the print version
  • You can check out as many magazines as you want for as long as you want
  • You never need to return digital magazines
  • You never have overdue fees for digital magazines
  • Every magazine in the consortium’s digital magazine collection is always available. Back issues are available also, depending on when the magazine subscription began.

Getting Started with RB Digital

Zinio works best in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+ and Safari internet browsers.

  1. Sign up for a RB Digital account* at the Southern Minnesota Digital Consortium’s  page by clicking “create new account” in the upper right hand page. You will need:
    1. An email address
    2. Your barcode number from your Albert Lea Public Library card
    3. A password
  2. Once you have an account set up, you can log into the library’s RB Digital page and select magazines to read online.
    1. Click on the plus sign to checkout a magazine
      1. Select “Keep Browsing” and look for more magazines or
      2. Select  “Start Reading”
        1. A new  window will pop open and you will be able to immediately begin reading the magazine.
    2. To Read:
      1. Select “My Collection” at the top. My Collection will contain the items you have checked out from the Southern Minnesota Digital Consortium’s page.
      2. Click on a magazine title and select “Checkout.”
      3. Select “Start Reading” and a new window will pop up for immediate reading of the magazine.

RB Digital on Devices

If you want to download magazines to a compatible device for off-line reading,  install the appropriate app below for your device (after signing up via the Southern Minnesota Digital Consortium’s page). Log in with your existing library credentials, download and read magazines off-line.

How to Read Magazines on Devices (Short Version)

First Check Out Items

  1. Sign in online on the Southern Minnesota Digital Consortium’s page. (Free library items must be checked out on this page only. The app is only for reading.)
  2. Find a title you are interested in.
  3. Check out the magazine by clicking on the plus sign.
    1. Select either keep browsing (to add more)
    2. Stop there. (If you select Start Reading it will open in the browser.)
    3. Minimize the webpage.

Open App to Read Checked Out Items

  1. Open the RB Digital app that you have downloaded to your device.
  2. Log in with your existing library credentials, download and read magazines off-line.


RB Digital Magazine FAQ page with common questions.