Here are some resources to help you find something that will suit your tastes as a reader.


The SELCO Rooms are collections based on topic or genre and sometimes include links to websites with extra information. These are a great place to start for a jumping off point when it comes to broadening your understanding of a topic or getting to know authors of a genre.

What’s Coming Out Next?

Fantastic Fiction is a great website to see the upcoming hot releases so you can get on the request list and find the newest items from your favorite authors.

StopYou’reKillingMe is for fans of mysteries. It lists what’s coming out new, award-winning books and more.

What’s Next Database is fantastic if you enjoy reading series but have a hard time keeping the order of the series straight. Use this to look up series by your favorite authors or to see what number in a series a certain title is.

Keeping Track of What You’ve Read

If you want to keep track of what you’ve read (or want to read) try GoodReads or Shelfari. Both of these websites are also social, so you can invite your friends and keep up with what everyone is reading.