Summer Reading Program

June 2-August 18

Join us for the 2024 Summer Reading Program “Adventure Begins at Your Library.”

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About the Program and Registration: 

Participants in the Summer Reading Program will get a prize for every 120 minutes, up to 360 minutes (three prize maximum). 

The library is using Reader Zone this year for recording books. To register for the summer reading program, follow the instructions below.

If you participated in Family Reads or last year’s Summer Reading Program, you do not need to create a new account. Log into your existing Reader Zone account and enter the new code (37669) to register readers for the Summer Reading Program.

Looking for the teen program? Click here to learn more.

Signing Up: 

1. Download the Reader Zone app on a smartphone or tablet, or go to

2. Enter information as prompted to create an account. 

3. Add each reader you will be recording minutes for during the program. 

4. Enter the code 37669 to join the Summer Reading Program.

5. You are now ready to record your minutes.

Recording Minutes: 

Participants may record minutes read starting on Sunday, June 2.

1. Login with your Reader Zone account.

2. Click on the name of the reader you would like to record minutes for.

3. Record minutes.

4. Once you have reached 120 minutes, visit the library to receive your prize.

The last day to record minutes and be eligible for prizes is August 18. 

If you have any problems registering for the Summer Reading Program or do not have access to Reader Zone, contact the library. The library can register and/or record minutes for readers.