OverDrive offers eBooks, eAudiobooks and magazines for download for patrons in good standing.

You can check out 10 titles at a time and have 10 items on hold. Items are on loan for 21 days. Magazines are available for unlimited, simultaneous use.

Getting Started: 

  1. Go to Libby from a computer or download the Libby app on a mobile device from your app store.
  2. Browse the collection or search for a title.
  3. Check out an available item or place an item on hold.
  4. Begin reading items that you checked out.


You can check out 10 titles at a time and have 10 items on hold. Items are on loan for 21 days.

Need additional help? Check out the Libby help page or stop by the library.

Partner Libraries

As a SELCO library, patrons of the Albert Lea Public Library have access to the Rochester Public Library collection and the Traverse des Sioux library system collection. To access these collections on a desktop, find the partner libraries option in the top right hand corner to navigate to the other collections. When checking out an item, select Southeastern Libraries Cooperating (SELCO) and enter your library card number. From the Libby App, go to the menu (three horizontal bars) and select “Add a Library.” Search for Traverse des Sioux Library Cooperative and add it to your library. Select “Sign In With My Card,” locate the Partner Libraries section and select “Southeastern Libraries Cooperating Patrons.” Enter your card number. You can now navigate between the different library systems. Checked out items will all show up on your shelf.


Commonly Asked Questions

How do I return a book early?

There is an option to return the book when you actually finish the book. Here’s how:

  • Tap “Shelf”
  • Tap on the title you want to return
  • Tap “Return Title to Library”
  • Then Tap “Return”

Note: If you downloaded a title to Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) or as a Kindle Book, you can return it from ADE or from Amazon.

How do I see my place in line for a hold?

After you place a hold, you can view your place in line by going to Shelf > Holds, then tapping Wait List next to the book in question. You’ll see:

  • Your approximate wait time for the title
  • Total holds for the title (and your progress in line)
  • Total # of copies available at your library
  • The number of people waiting per copy

How can I change the text of a book?

Font, text size, and spacing are all adjustable. Each of these settings can be adjusted to your personal reading preference. Once you open a book, click on the menu icon in the upper-right-hand corner, and then tap Reading Settings. From there, you can adjust settings like text scale (or size), lighting, and book design. Below is an overview of these features:

Text Scale: Adjusted by using the scale. Slide to the left to decrease the text size, or slide to the right to increase the text size.

Lighting: There are three lighting options – bright (good for daytime reading), sepia (similar to a paperback), and dark (good for nighttime reading).