Self Pickup Lockers

 The Albert Lea Public Library has six self pickup lockers available outside City Hall for 24/7 holds pickup. 

Please watch the video and/or read the FAQ below for information on using the lockers. 


Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the Self Pickup Lockers. If you have further questions, please contact the library at 507-377-4350 or

How do I place a hold to be picked up from a locker?

When placing an item on hold through the online catalog, you can select Albert Lea Self Pickup as your pickup location. You may also call the library and request that your items on hold be placed in a locker. 

How do I retrieve items from the lockers?

When you receive a phone call or email from the library letting you know your item has been placed in a locker, head to the library. The library will contact you separately from the automated email or text you receive letting you know your items are on hold. The lockers are located near the entrance to City Hall off of Clark Street on the library side of the building. Locate the locker number that was given to you and use the combination lock to enter your pin number. The locks have a protective covering over the keys, located on the bottom of the lock. Once open, retrieve your items and close the locker. Clasp the lock and turn the combination keys to secure the locker. Your items have already been checked out to you, and the due date slip is located in the item. 

How many days do I have to pick up items from a locker?

Items in lockers will be held for three days. 

Can I use the lockers to return items?

The library does not accept returns in the lockers. Please use the book drop near the entrance to the building in the Fountain Street parking lot to return items. 

Can I set a locker as my preferred pickup location?

You cannot set the lockers to your preferred pick up location at this time. 

Can I pickup hotspots in the lockers?

Due to the impact of extreme weather on hotspot devices, they cannot be picked up using our self pickup lockers. 

This project was made possible in part with a grant from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and support from the Friends of the Library.